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Climate Smart Agriculture


To improve the wellbeing of households in the targeted communities while promoting community led environment conservation.


  • InPact will respond to the needs of rural farmers by promoting farmer productivity by moving beyond subsistence farming and promoting enhanced access to the critical factors of production.

  • Priority focus will be on: Crop productivity, diversification and marketing as a means to increase house hold income.

  • Additionally, InPact will offer practical knowledge and skills in climate smart agriculture practices, production, entrepreneurial skills, post-harvest management, agribusiness, and facilitate farmers to access market and credit opportunities.

  • We will also supply farmers with high quality and stress tolerant seeds, tools and other farm inputs.

  • Furthermore, we shall create awareness on the right foods to eat and promote their production within communities so as to reduce incidences of malnutrition.

  • A demonstration model farm will set up in Kanungu district to serve several purposes but principally as a training ground for farmers to learn about food security, climate smart agricultural practices, environmental protection and

  • InPact will focus on promoting practices that are eco-friendly practices such as the 3Rs (Reduce, Recycle and Re use), clean and efficient cooking energy and promote waste segregation with an aim of ensuring that some waste is sold.


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