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The Girls-to-Girls Initiative

The focus of this initiative is aimed at girls who are school dropouts or victims of early marriages, sexual harassment, and domestic violence to take back control of their lives.

Under this initiative, there are plans to construct a counselling and skill development centre in Kanungu district. A safe space for these girls to receive psycho-social support, counselling, express themselves, learn life skills and become confident, productive change makers in their immediate communities.

InPact will also focus on developing the economic and livelihood skills of these girls through activities such as: reusable pad making, tailoring, handcrafting, baking and more.


  • To mobilize girls that have faced abuse in the target communities.

  • To offer livelihood skills development.

  • To create the safe space for girls as a platform for sharing their challenges.

  • To promote Menstrual Hygiene in schools through sensitization and provision of reusable sanitary pads.


  • Mapping of the survivors of abuse in the targeted communities.

  • Train girls in reusable sanitary pads making and marketing of the product.

  • Facilitating the safe space for the girls to amplify their voices on issues they may be facing.

  • Sensitization of schools.

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