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Safeguarding Policy Statement

This statement outlines InPact’s commitment to the safeguarding of all visitors, staff, volunteers and contractors including children, young people and adults at risk, protecting them from potential neglect, physical, sexual and emotional harm.

We are committed to:

  • Putting their welfare as a priority in all we do.

  • Respecting their views, feelings and rights.

  • Taking all reasonable steps to ensure the safeguarding and welfare of all those that come into contact with InPact.


All adults in InPact are responsible for putting our safeguarding instruction at the centre of all planning and operations and to follow the clear reporting process when they suspect or are aware of a safeguarding incident or concern. They receive information and training to outline their responsibilities to safeguarding, which starts at recruitment.

InPact follows national and international safeguarding guidelines including Safer Recruitment guidelines to ensure we have the right people working and volunteering with children, young people and adults at risk.

Anyone working with or volunteering for InPact will receive and have access to details of our Safeguarding code. They will be responsible for adhering to the code at all times.

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