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USAID Uganda Family Planning Activity

InPact is a sub-recipient of the 5 year (2020-2025) USAID/Uganda Family Planning Activity. Under Pathfinder’s leadership and in close collaboration with Uganda’s Ministry of Health, InPact is implementing the activity in the districts of Kibaale and Kyankwanzi.


To address underlying social, cultural, and structural barriers to family planning access, particularly among adolescents, youth, first-time parents, and low-parity women in 11 districts across Uganda.


  • Increasing the proportion of the national health budget allocated to family planning.

  • Addressing contraceptive stock-outs.

  • Increasing the number of districts using costed implementation plans for family planning.

  • Improving data quality and reporting.

  • Shifting social norms through evidence-based social and behavior change communication techniques.

2021 IMPACT:

2022 IMPACT:

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Diana Kabahuma
Diana Kabahuma
Jun 16, 2021

Great work Inpact

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